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Tastenkombination Desktopfunktionen

Tastenkombination Desktopfunktionen

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Basic Shortcuts  
Beschreibung Windows
Edit menu Alt + E
File menu Alt + F
View menu Alt + V
Select all text Ctrl + A
Copy text Ctrl + C
Find text Ctrl + F
Find and replace text Ctrl + H
New Document Ctrl + N
Open a file Ctrl + O
Print options Ctrl + P
Save file Ctrl + S
Paste text Ctrl + V
Cut text Ctrl + X
Redo text Ctrl + Y
Undo text Ctrl + Z
Text Formatting
Description Windows
Make selected text bold Ctrl + B
Make selected text italic Ctrl + I
Underline selected text Ctrl + U
Make selected text superscript Ctrl + Shift + =
Make selected text subscript Ctrl + =
Description Windows
Open the bookmarks menu Ctrl + B
Add bookmark for current page Ctrl + D
Open browsing history Ctrl + H
Open download history Ctrl + J
Description Windows
Save screenshot of the whole screen as file  
Copy screenshot of the whole screen to the clipboard PrtScr (Print Screen) or Ctrl + PrtScr
Save screenshot of window as file  
Copy screenshot of window to the clipboard Alt + PrtScr
Copy screenshot of wanted area to the clipboard
Save screenshot of wanted area as file  
Web Browsers  
Description Windows
Scroll down a frame Space or Page Down
Scroll up a frame Shift + Space or Page Up
Go to bottom of the page End
Go to top of the page Home
Go back Alt + Left Arrow or Backspace
Go forward Alt + Right Arrow or Shift + Backspace
Refresh a webpage F5
Refresh a webpage (no cache) Ctrl + F5
Stop Esc
Toggle full-screen F11
Zoom in Ctrl + +
Zoom out Ctrl + -
Zoom 100% (default) Ctrl + 0
Open homepage Alt + Home
Find text Ctrl + F
Tab / Window Management
Description Windows
Open a new tab Ctrl + T
Close current tab Ctrl + W
Close all tabs Ctrl + Shift + W
Close all tabs except the current tab Ctrl + Alt + F4
Go to next tab Ctrl + Tab
Go to previous tab Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Go to a specific tab number Ctrl + 1-8
Go to the last tab Ctrl + 9
Reopen the last closed tab Ctrl + Shift + T
Open a new window Ctrl + N
Close current window Alt + F4
Go to next window Alt + Tab
Go to previous window Alt + Shift + Tab
Reopen the last closed window Ctrl + Shift + N
Open links in a new tab in the background Ctrl + Click
Open links in a new tab in the foreground Ctrl + Shift + Click
Print current webpage Ctrl + P
Save current webpage Ctrl + S

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